Regular Menu


Veggie Spring Rolls $7.95

Shrimp Chips $7.95
Served with smoked chilli sauce

Curry Puffs $11.95
Veggie curry puffs served with sweet & sour sauce

Calamari $12.95
Fried squid and fries with Tom Yum flavour

Krungthep Fried Wings $12.95
Thai style fried chicken wings with dipping sauce

Khao Soi Poutine $12.95
Northern Thai beef curry gravy and mozzarella cheese on poutine

Mango Salad $12.95
Carrot, Peanut, Red onion, Mint, Cilantro and Thai salad dressing

Papaya Salad $12.95
Green Papaya with Carrot, Long Bean, Tomato and Peanut

Tom Yum 
Lemongrass soup with tomato, white onion and mushroom
peanut contained
Shrimp $10.95
Chicken $9.95
Veggie & Tofu $8.95

Tom Kha
Coconut soup with tomato, white onion and mushroom
Shrimp $10.95
Chicken $9.95
Veggie & Tofu $8.95

Hot & Sour $8.95
Sour and spicy soup with egg, tofu, mushroom and bamboo shoots

Shrimp Wonton $10.95
Shrimp wonton soup with green onion

Veggie & Tofu | Chicken | Beef +$1 | Shrimp +$2

Green Curry $16.95
Coconut curry with bamboo shoots, basil, bell pepper and green pepper

Golden Curry $16.95
Yellow curry with onions, scallions, crispy onion and potatoes

Massaman Curry $16.95
Tamarind coconut curry, onions, peanuts and potatoes

Veggie & Tofu | Chicken | Beef +$1 | Crispy Pork +$1.5 | Shrimp +$2

Pad Thai $17.95
Stir-fried rice noodles with egg, tamarind sauce, tofu and peanut

Pad Kee Mao $17.95
Flat rice noodles with holy basil sauce, egg, chilli pepper corn, bamboo shoots, mushroom, bell pepper, green pepper, fingerroot and basil

Pad See Ew $17.95
Flat rice noodle fried, egg, Chinese broccoli and soya sauce

Khao Soi $17.95
Northern Thai yellow curry with egg noodle

Veggie & Tofu | Chicken | Beef +$1 | Crispy Pork +$1.5 | Shrimp +$2

Pad Kra Pao Kai Dow $17.95
Stir-fried Holy basil sauce with onions, bell and green peppers topped with fried egg

Khana Crispy Pork $17.95
Chinese broccoli with crispy pork, garlic and bell peppers

Thai Fried Rice $16.95
Thai style fried rice with egg, Chinese broccoli, onion, carrot and green pea

Pineapple Fried Rice $16.95
Pineapple fried rice with curry powder, egg, onion, carrot, corn and green pea

Karee Soft Shell Crab $26.95
Soft shell crab served with turmeric curry paste stir fry with egg, bell pepper and onion

Soft Shell Crab Fried Rice $26.95
Thai style fried rice with soft shell crab

Mango Sticky Rice $10.95
Sweet mango served with coconut milk and sesame

Durian Sticky Rice $11.95
Sweet durian served with coconut milk

Mango Cheesecake $9.95
Served with mango meat on top with mango sauce

Strawberry Cheesecake $9.95
Served with strawberry meat on top with strawberry sauce

Streamed Jasmine Rice $2.50
Coconut Rice $3.50
Coconut Sticky Rice $3.50
Streamed Veggies $4.00
Fried Egg $2.00
Green Curry Sauce(2 oz) $2.00
Yellow Curry Sauce(2 oz) $2.00